Best SPIDER T800 4K 2023

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In true 4K
Wifi + Ethernet
Distinctive interface with the most powerful system and the highest speed ever
Ease of use
You can watch all movies, series and TV shows.
Integrated family system.
Memory 16 MB.
YouTube supports up to 4K resolutions.
Supports all DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2 systems.
Powerful and signal sensitive tuner.
Large storage unit.
AV input for TVs. It works with a 3*1 compass.
Supports all video and audio formats.
Supports H265 4K*2K@60fps video formats and channels.
Elite 5 years
bravo 5 years
Flex 5 years
iFox 5 years
Sport 5 years
Echo 5 years
5 year class
May I tighten 24 months
Turbo 24 months
Speed 24 months
Ultra 12 months
Bob 12 months
Phoenix Schering 12 months


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